Disneyland Paris - Cowboy Cookout

Disneyland Paris - Decorative Painters Paris, France - Maison Scene

Even Cowboys Need Restaurants!

Both Damien and Khédidja worked on the creation of the Disneyland Theme Park in Paris, during the early 1990's. Damien was employed over a period of five years on numerous sections of the park. This image shows one of his specialities: aged-wood. All the wood in this picture was new timber; it was sandblasted to enhance the grain. The wood was then painted, using only 3 or 4 blended colours. The facade was given an extra layer of aged red paint to give it a weathered look. Even the rusted lantern you see hanging from a post has been painted. While working on the park, Damien heard a story that the cleaning crew removed one prop painted this way because they thought that the wood was rotten!