Our Skills - Trompe-l'oeil & Marbling

  • Trompe-l'oeil - Decorative Painters Paris, France - Maison Scene


    Follow the link to view some examples of our trompe-l'oeil decoration, for early projects in Paris, Khédidja worked on the renovation of the Swimming Pool area of the Hotel Ritz, as well as designing frescos for the Bistro Romain chain of restaurants around the city . . . and on many projects for private clients in Paris.

  • Marbling - Decorative Painters Paris, France - Maison Scene

    Marbling & Wood-Graining

    Marbling is executed for the most part in water based paints for speed of execution, and mainly to avoid the hazard of dust on building sites as the painted surface dries. Water based techniques are usually quicker and can add a stylistic liberty. However, when conditions permit, the use of oil based techniques can enable us to achieve a greater depth and richness in the quality of the finished work. Realism can be gained by the addition of successive glazes.

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