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Panoramic, acrylic on canvas - Boulogne, Paris
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The creation of beautiful walls by hand is not a forgotten craft; it offers an alternative to the uniformity of mass production.

Our backgrounds include time as exhibiting artists, we were both educated in the Fine Arts. Damien McDonagh at the Belfast College of Art (University of Ulster), and Khédidja Messadi at the Ecoles des Arts Décoratifs de Nice (Villa Arson), specialising in Scenography and Costume Design for the theatre and cinema, as well as time studying at the IPEDEC - Institut Supérieur de Peinture Décorative de Paris.

At the beginning of her career Khédidja worked for nearly 10 years in Paris for some of the best known decorative studios in France - l'Atelier Catherine Feff and l'Entreprise Trouvé. Decorating prestigious landmark buildings around the city such as the Hôtel Ritz on the redecoration of it's swimming pool, or the famous Restaurant Ledoyen of the Champs Elysées. Damien spent 12 years working on many of the large European theme parks, Disneyland in Paris for around 6 years, Legoland and Movieworld in Germany, Six Flags Theme Parks in Belgium and Holland. Well practised and trained in working on a large scale for theatre, cinema and opera, conceiving designs, sketches and models, with our skills we are capable of tackling large structures and creating impressive architectural decoration.

On this page you can see some examples of our trompe l'oeil decoration, early projects in Paris on the renovation of the Swimming Pool of the Hôtel Ritz, frescos for the Bistro Romain restaurants around the city as well as more recent projects for private clients.


Fresco Panoramic, Bistro Romain - Champs Elysées, Paris
Khédidja Messadi - Damien McDonagh

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Panoramic, acrylic on canvas - Bistro Romain, Champs Elysées, Paris Trompe l'oeil - Bistro Romain Paris Trompe L'Oeil - Le Marais, Paris Trompe l'oeil - Private Commission, vista painted on a door Fresco - Entrance Hall 'Pompei', Bd Bourdon, Paris