Our Skills - Patinas & Faux Effects

  • Faux Effects - Decorative Painters Paris, France - Maison Scene

    Patinas & Wall Finishes

    We can create and infinite number of paint-effects from techniques we have acquired during long years of practice. Stone imitation, rockwork, wood aging, realistic metallic finishes - rust, bronze, copper, gold, silver, verdigris. We can create textured wall finishes on suitably prepared surfaces, aged and coloured, wax polished plaster, stucco, lime wash (brushed or polished), tadelakt.

  • Patinas & Wall Finishes - Decorative Painters Paris, France - Maison Scene

    Faux Effects

    We master the imitation of porous or ribboned stones like Travertine, and hard stones or semi-precious ones like Malachite, Lapis-lazuli. We can apply to these imitation marbles, woods and paint effects, the trompe-l'oeil techniques of marquetry work - moulding, panelling and contemporary ornamentation in flat tones or to obtain an trompe-l'oeil effect of relief with shading.

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