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Paint-Effects and Stone Imitation with various processes using acrylic paints, oil paints and lime patinas.

We can create and infinite number of paint-effects from techniques we have acquired during long years of practice, on theatre, opera and cinema projects and also from years spent working on many of the major European theme parks - Disneyland Paris (Marne la Vallée), Legoland and Movieworld (Germany), Six Flags Theme Parks (Holland and Belgium): stone imitation, rockwork, wood aging, realistic metallic finishes - rust, bronze, copper, gold, silver, verdigris . . .

We can create textured paint-effects on suitably prepared surfaces, polished plaster, stucco, lime wash, tadelakt . . .

Imitation of porous or ribboned stones like Travertine, and hard stones or semi-precious ones like Malachite, Lapis-lazuli . . .

We can apply to these imitation marbles, woods and paint-effects, the trompe l'oeil techniques of marquetry work - moulding, panelling and contemporary ornamentation in flat tones or to obtain an effect of relief with shading.

Popular Paint-Effect Techniques:
Colourwash, Rag Rolling, Craquelure, Frottage, Wood-Aging, Brush-Stipple, Clouding, Gilding, Tortoise Shell Imitation

Aged Red-Gold on a plaster ornamental moulding - Watermarque Hotel, (Co. Kerry)
Khédidja Messadi - Damien McDonagh

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Disneyland Paris - Jules Verne Nautillus, metallic patina Disneyland Paris - Temple of Peril - aged-moss limestone paint-effect Gold Ceiling Patina - Sands Hotel and Nightclub, Tramore Gold Patina - Hallway of Le Cinique de l'Alma, Paris Hammered Metallic finish with a decorative arabesque