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Based in Belfast, Ireland and also with a studio in Paris, France we are a small team of exceptional artists who specialise in a wide range of decorative techniques: marbling, woodgraining, trompe-l'oeil, ornamentation, clouding, ceiling decoration, fresco, oil painting, patinas, lime wash, stucco, tadelakt, concrete effect and other stonewall imitation.

Each with more than 20 years of experience in scenic decoration, both Khédidja Messadi and Damien McDonagh have worked on numerous projects throughout Europe for luxury apartments, cafés, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, theme parks, as well as theatre, opera, and film sets.

In collaboration with talented architects and designers. Youcef Messadi, Spain, Michael Jones & Graham Barrows, Ireland, among others, and with thoughtful consideration of our client's style and budget, we can create an ambiance that suits their property and requirements. Skilfully adapting our techniques according to the project's needs with a range of styles from Classical to Contemporary decorative techniques. We can create unique trompe l'oeil works, to revitalise or unite an ambience, to give value to the spirit of a place, to restore a cohesion. Our creativity permits us to be sensitive to the ebb and flow of styles, to adapt our techniques to the major trends in contemporary design and decoration.

Skilled artisans, but also capable of advising, guiding, innovating, surprising. Our experience is a guarantee of quality and seriousness.



Havana Nightclub - Carrick-on-Shannon
Khédidja Messadi - Damien McDonagh

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